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The title font!

I used This page and have discovered the font from the title name its Rossetti and you can get it here *edit* shoot thats a pay for fonts sight. Lemme find it for free someplace.

I'll eventually figure out all the fonts used for each ep and also do some icons from each one as well. But I'm in the middle of a move so that will take a while.
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Here's a thought...

If they started making FTT again...

What stories would you want to see and who would you want to see in them? There is a slew of new actors out that would be wonderful to see in a FTT show.

Would you want to redo any of the old ones? If so what ones and who would you put in the new one?


Hi, everyone! I've got to say I am very surprised to see so many fans of Faerie Tale Theatre. And I am even more surprised and delighted to find out that it is now available on DVD. I remember watching it when I was itty-bitty. The best things always have an impact no matter what age one is. I believe I was only about 4 when the first episodes were released. I just borrowed The Nightingale from the library and it was fantastic. My favorite episode is probably The Pied Piper of Hamlin. Though I haven't seen it in years. I just remember so much of it and I automatically think of that version when I'm discussing the story with anyone. And Eric Idle is just fantastic!

I know this is a site dedicated to Faerie Tale Theatre but I am interested in seeing what people thought of the Tall Tales and Legends series. My favorite was John Henry.

WEll, I am very glad to have found this community and I hope to have more to discuss once I ahve actuallly managed to get the money to buy my very own boxset of FTT.


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Can anyone tell me if the version of "Rumpelstiltskin" in the complete "box set" edition is the full version and includes the scene with Shelley Duvall singing to the animals in the woods that was cut on the single disc version? Thanks, Ian

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I was debating whether I should post this here or in the Alias community I belong to but I chose here because we don't get many posts.

I recently bought the box set of the ftt series. I'm obviously loving it. Today I watched Sleeping Beauty, which I don't think I ever actually saw before. But anyway, while watching the beginning credits I saw a name I recognized. Ron Rifkin. He plays Sloane on Alias. Of course I'm hoping at least someone here watches the show! But yeah he was Christopher Reeve's squire and he looked so young. Well younger at least, no gray hair!

I keep finding these people in the episodes now that I didn't know back then. It's a lot of fun.

I hope someone gets something out of this besides me. :)
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Very surprised

Ok so I don't know if this has ever been mentioned here before so forgive me if it has.

I was watching The Tale of the Frog Prince last night with my brother. Both of us used to watch the series when we were younger and now that they are on dvd we are watching them again. Well this specific episode we hadn't seen in probably 10 years.

We both remembered the little idiosyncrasies of the characters and how they played their parts and we were loving every minute of it. But I realized something about one of the characters in the very beginning. King Geoffrey was being played by Michael Richards, a.k.a. Kramer from Seinfeld. I was blown away. My brother and I are huge Seinfeld fans and were just completely surprised by this. I mean this was made in 82 or 83 and we probably saw it for the first time in 86 or 87. I had been wondering if when watching the series again I would discover people who played characters who I never knew were anyone before and thats exactly what happened. And his prosthetic nose was just so great. :)
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How excited am I...

to find out I'm not the only Faerie Tale Theater fanatic??? ADORED these movies as a child and am so thrilled that they're on DVD now!

Funny story...I have a friend who is a performer and I was at one of his shows a few months ago. There was a group of us talking after the show and he goes, "Guess who was in the audience! LAINIE KAZAAN!"

I don't know WHAT possessed me to say, "SHE WAS THE FAIRY FROM PINOCCHIO!"

My friend's jaw drops and he looks at me and I go, "Wait...you KNOW Faerie Tale Theatre?" My friend just goes, "A real...live...BOY!"

Now, we're talking about a 30-year-old, built 6'4 guy here...we started bouncing back and forth, quoting the shows and singing some of the songs...he pretended to be strumming a ukelelee and singing, "I sing for my true love all daaaaaaaay..." then started walking like Rumplestiltskin.

Our other friends had NO IDEA what we were talking about and were looking at us in complete fear and amusement. We were outside of a formal Lincoln Center benefit, dressed-up and quoting Faerie Tale Theatre. YUP.

He has a new show premiering next month and I'm sitting in the front row the first night...I am completely planning on throwing (not too hard!) a Faerie Tale Theatre DVD onstage for him with a rose attached :)

Ahhhh...LOVED that show...so fabulous and brilliant!

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I just checked Starmaker's FTT forums the other day and it seems that the date for the release of the box set is going to be January 4th, give or take a few days. The artwork for it looks really good. Here is the link: Box Set
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