Amanda Mae (prankster43) wrote in ftt,
Amanda Mae

Hello, fellow Faerie Tale Theatre lovers! My sis and I were fans of the show ages ago, and I just got the series on DVD for my birthday. Interesting story how that came about... I was watching my DVDs of Arrested Development, and one of the actors playing a doctor had a very familiar voice. I checked him out on Internet Movie Database, and found he was the narrator in Jack and the Beanstalk from FTT, Mark Blankfield! Blew me away, I hadn't thought of the show in years. Had to get the FTT DVDs, and now many childhood memories are flooding back to me. Excellent. My goodness, it's hilarious to see all these actor back when they were young and/or inexperienced.

Question: I remember when watching the eps my mother had taped off TV for me as having an intro in addition to Shelley Duvall's in the beginning of the show. It was a montage of shots from the show set to music. I'm watching the episodes right now, and pin-pointing different shots of actors that were used in this intro. I don't know what channel my mother taped it from, if it was Disney or PBS or another, but does anyone else remember this?

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