Faerie Tale Theatre MYSPACE page

Hey guys! I'm moderating a Faerie Tale Theatre Myspace page (www.myspace.com/faerietaletheatre). Come join. I'm adding scans of rare pictures, memorabilia, etc. I'd love any suggestions, pics you have. I'm also hoping to organize some viewings for the new release of the dvd box set with the lost episode! You can email me at myspace or at faerietaletheatre@gmail.com

Hope to see you guys there!

The Original Intro!

I replied to a post just a second ago with the same reason, but I thought a new thread altogether might be in order. Some of you might remember watching the show way back when on TV and seeing an intro that comes before Shelley Duvall's own personal one. This intro is featured on the BookTelevision reruns as well, and so I taped one of those and uploaded the intro to my YouTube account.

Here is the link:

I hope some of you remember it! Enjoy!

Hey everyone!

As you may have seen from the last topic, April is leaving LiveJournal and I've been given the opportunity to be the new maintainer of this community. I hope you guys keep posting and sharing your interest for the series! Hopefully, I can do the job as well as April, lol. Well, toodles, guys!

Cover artwork

Hey everyone! I posted on IMDB about this but no one really was able to do it. I have almost every episode now but my collection varies by edition. What I mean by this is that I have some from Playhouse, some from CBS/FOX, some from Razz Ma Tazz and a couple of the individual Starmaker discs. However, I'm trying to get front AND back cover scans of the old Playhouse and CBS/FOX editions (either/or), and was wondering if anyone might be willing to scan them and post them either in this community or on an upload site or something. I'd be so happy if anyone could do that! I'd love to see the professional photos from the back covers again, haha!


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Hello, fellow Faerie Tale Theatre lovers! My sis and I were fans of the show ages ago, and I just got the series on DVD for my birthday. Interesting story how that came about... I was watching my DVDs of Arrested Development, and one of the actors playing a doctor had a very familiar voice. I checked him out on Internet Movie Database, and found he was the narrator in Jack and the Beanstalk from FTT, Mark Blankfield! Blew me away, I hadn't thought of the show in years. Had to get the FTT DVDs, and now many childhood memories are flooding back to me. Excellent. My goodness, it's hilarious to see all these actor back when they were young and/or inexperienced.

Question: I remember when watching the eps my mother had taped off TV for me as having an intro in addition to Shelley Duvall's in the beginning of the show. It was a montage of shots from the show set to music. I'm watching the episodes right now, and pin-pointing different shots of actors that were used in this intro. I don't know what channel my mother taped it from, if it was Disney or PBS or another, but does anyone else remember this?

KochVision re-release?

Does anyone know anything more about the somewhat mysterious, possibly upcoming re-release of Faerie Tale Theatre on DVD by KochVision? Their website, www.faerietaledvd.com, has been up for quite some time now with a Coming Soon notice, but no updates have been posted to the site and the Koch site does not have any records of Faerie Tale Theatre whatsoever.

This is the image that has been present on the site for the whole time it has been up.



early this morning i was watching my favorite faerie tale theatre episode, for the second time since i owned the dvd's.
and i noticed this part, which i don't think i did the first time with these.
where she says:
"Always the bride never the bridesmaid.."    i love that.

I also realised that Mortimer Mole says "damn" at the end of his progress-song. I love his progress-song.
I love that whole scene.  However it just isn't as much of a song as it was to me when i was little.  It's so sparce. but really really funny.
I can't figure out what it is he says about the new tunnel he's made just before he and Fieldmouse exit ----  "Like the dark end of a windpipe."  I think it was.  windpipe??? is that right?

And the scene with the Mother Toad creeping up to Thumbelina is perfect, it still holds up soo well.
i love the Barrister Fish very much........and the initial part of her flying downstream is the prettiest thing i think I've found in the entirety of FTT. 

also, i love the song in this one, not the one that they sing, but the other melody.  makes me so happy.