ripvanwinkle101 (ripvanwinkle101) wrote in ftt,

KochVision re-release?

Does anyone know anything more about the somewhat mysterious, possibly upcoming re-release of Faerie Tale Theatre on DVD by KochVision? Their website,, has been up for quite some time now with a Coming Soon notice, but no updates have been posted to the site and the Koch site does not have any records of Faerie Tale Theatre whatsoever.

This is the image that has been present on the site for the whole time it has been up.

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Eeeek! I don't know anything about this, but that art looks gorgeous! I got the previous release by Starmaker 2, but according to their website they don't sell it anymore. I'm guessing that their copyright has either expired or been bought over by another production company who has different plans for a DVD release.
Yeah, it's all very strange to me! I agree. I do love the artwork and I am glad they decided to use ACTUAL promotional stills from the series rather than screenshots like Starmaker did (although I'm so happy Starmaker took the time to release the series in the first place).

I contacted Koch a while ago and they said plans were still underway for the re-release. I know for a fact this is a Koch website because, first off, someone actually replied to me about the release, and secondly, their official site for Shelley Duvall's TALL TALES AND LEGENDS lists as a link.

I just hope they do re-release FTT! I never was able to purchase the complete collection before it went out of print! =(