erin bullard (virgomoonbeams) wrote in ftt,
erin bullard


early this morning i was watching my favorite faerie tale theatre episode, for the second time since i owned the dvd's.
and i noticed this part, which i don't think i did the first time with these.
where she says:
"Always the bride never the bridesmaid.."    i love that.

I also realised that Mortimer Mole says "damn" at the end of his progress-song. I love his progress-song.
I love that whole scene.  However it just isn't as much of a song as it was to me when i was little.  It's so sparce. but really really funny.
I can't figure out what it is he says about the new tunnel he's made just before he and Fieldmouse exit ----  "Like the dark end of a windpipe."  I think it was.  windpipe??? is that right?

And the scene with the Mother Toad creeping up to Thumbelina is perfect, it still holds up soo well.
i love the Barrister Fish very much........and the initial part of her flying downstream is the prettiest thing i think I've found in the entirety of FTT. 

also, i love the song in this one, not the one that they sing, but the other melody.  makes me so happy.
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